Bodyguru Retreats


It’s yoga classical style but with minor adjustments where necessary and explanations to incorporate the latest body/mind science knowledge. I love that yoga with teachers like Prameet is evolving along with everything else in the universe without losing the magic of its roots. Prameet’s classes are a balance of challenge for every level of participant and calming.
Hayley Morton
Really, Really good. My first yoga class ever. Wonderful experience, new thinking about life and movement. This is classic yoga that will do your body a favor, regardless of What kind of movement you prefer later on. You can implement this in your life in General! Thanks.
Hanna Berglin
Simple yet challenging, classical Hatha yoga including both asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Instructed by Prameet in a very attentive and gentle way. Love the physical and mental well-being that stays long after the class is finished!
Charlotte Thunberg Lundberg
Simple, easy to remember, use, and apply even for beginners. I had a wonderful time and learned a lot both from your recommendations, tips, and techniques regarding lifestyle as well as breathing techniques, relaxation, and body movement. I highly recommend his classes!
Magnus Westerlund
A lovely weekend at Orbaden with friendly people and very good teachers. Focus on breathing and relaxing.
Monica Granlund
Had a fantastic yoga for both body, mind, and soul in Goa India, and also Delsbo, Sweden. Can highly recommend his classes.
Karin Pahlfer
I've had a wonderful experience in my 2 classes of yoga with Prameet. I could already notice a difference after the first class when we learned how to breathe deep in the chest and yoga breathing. It has really opened up my breathing and it feels easier and just "right" to breathe this way. The body is able to relax and I feel less anxious as well! This kind of classical yoga is very powerful and you find "new" muscles that haven't been properly used and need strengthening...
Beatrice Wiik
' Welcoming atmosphere ' Friendly and welcoming class. Prameet is a brilliant teacher who makes everyone feel included. He gives very clear instructions for each pose and manages to create a lovely flow from one pose to another. Republican Sports Club is blessed to be associated with Prameet and his Bodyguru retreats.
Conroy Remedios
Thanks for yesterday. A wonderful yoga session in a wonderful environment at Staffansgården, Delsbo, Sweden.
Annika Persson
I have practiced many different forms of yoga and different teachers. I like Prameet variation in the exercises and the stamina, the strength, and the flexibility in them. He also adds a calm and great knowledge of the body. Namaste
Patrik Mathias Grahn
Powerful yoga! Did wonders for my spine muscles and hip area! I would highly recommend Prameets yoga class!
Henrik Lawner
Feeling grateful to have had the opportunity of participating in 4 of Prameet's classes. Fun and educative, getting back to the basics. Stillness and intensity at the same time. Prameet is easy to follow and allows for plenty of time and space to land in the asanas in our own bodies. Really liked it!
Helen Fredin
I am a beginner in yoga and I was both curious and a little bit nervous about having yoga lessons with Indian Bodyguru. Maybe the group was too advanced for me, did I manage it? Yes, it was partly advanced, especially that we held positions for so long. With Prameets guiding it went anyway and I was doing better than ever. An hour and a half went fast. After the lesson, my body had got training where the most needed it, in the lower back and I felt comfortable in mind. I booked a new lesson directly. I am looking forward to that Prameet is coming back in autumn.
Ulla-Maija Remes
It was such a good yoga. I went home fell asleep in the unconscious way of total relaxation. It was not a hard yoga but core correcting. I was relaxed in the sleep and I felt this was the turning point of a long difficult allergy/cold. I am impressed and I like this yoga and the State of mind that is transferred by Prameet. I am not doing yoga as a sport Esther as a way of finding new paths. Prameets way of turning my focus on the process decision release my self from too much info and possibilities as a very Creative and entrepreneurial person.. Focus! That I learned rosat and wished to hear. I love the control of the center focus spine part. It is the best starting position a fantastic beginning. This was a great class. I attended a class last time you were here too. I consider a lounger workshop with you!
Kristina Kex Söderbäck
Today I have attended my second yoga practice with Prameet after a long 5 years since I had practiced with Bodyguru and it was like all this time has never passed, being able to free my body and free my mind and feel the energy and connection in the room. It was a motivating and inspiring session. Thank you Bodyguru.
Katarzyna Swiatczak
Prameet Kotak is incredibly professional and competent! He creates a warm and safe atmosphere and gives everyone positive energy. Gives the body (both the brain and all the other muscles in the body) an opportunity to be repaired and developed. Regardless of knowledge level or previous training habit. Thank you for this retreat looking forward to the next one.
Jenny Alkerud
What a connection with all People in The yoga class we are so happy having you at Traningsvarvet hudiksvall.
Åsa Björke
Yoga nidra was strong. Well thoughtful exercises. Cozy chat with nice organizers between the passports. Very welcoming
Jeanette Lehnberg