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FAQ Group: #PlaceboBreath

What to expect from the sessions?

Yoga Meditation Breathing Conversations As we have only 3 days to fit in so much, expect the 3 days to be packed with information, poses and breathing patterns, conversations, and meditations specific to your needs. Our focus is to simplify our thoughts and ideas, understand it’s about ‘you’  First and then everybody else.

Why do we call it #PlaceboBreath?

We become what we believe. The founder of the course has found similar benefits, which are now backed by science, that breathing is to the brain what movement is to the body. When we do the breathing patterns the brain.

How do I know that I need to do breathing patterns?

If you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, on the verge of anxiousness, distracted and difficult to focus, short-tempered, analysing and judging other people, low on energy, and needing adrenalin fixes to get going, then you are ready for this program.

This Program is suitable for?

Athletes, individuals, patients, children ( under 18 accompanied ), and anyone looking to understand the value of repair in enhancing performance.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of this program is for us to share a series of breathing patterns that you may use on to create the frequency of health and happiness so it may serve you through the trying times that we are in.

Which options does this program offer?

The program offers options for Basic, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. We introduce basic in week one, intermediate in week two, and advanced in week three. But you will have the option to work within your capacity,

What are the average fees & expectations?

The average fees are between US $ 210/ $ 252 for the 21 days.( $10 / $12/ session) depending upon exchange rates. Please enquire with our local team, Australia Sweden @traningsvarvet India 

You will leave with? How does this program work? What is so unique about this program?

You will leave with a series of breathing patterns that you can use to suit your needs. You will practice the following  breathing patterns: Panting breath to counter Anxious breathing Sound breath to calm Fire breath to counter aggression Relaxing breathing to address tiredness Alternate nostril breathing – left brain / right brain synchronisation Locking …

You will leave with? How does this program work? What is so unique about this program? Read More »