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Participation options

Come stay overnight or come on a non-residential option.  We only allow full participation of 2 nights and or three days. Add ons/ Additional services: Based on locations and host. One-on-one sessions, massages/ spa, and others on request.

About the program design

The placebo effect refers to the impact of a placebo on an individual. The power of the placebo effect is considered to be a psychological phenomenon. Placebo pills produce about 60-80% of the benefit of the best medications for diseases with subjective symptoms. Belief can move mountains, belief can help us create our reality  We …

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Program Inclusions

Pre retreat documentation Recordings of Audio meditations uploaded on Youtube Video Recordings of sessions (online download on your own phone and setup) Post retreat documentation Panting breath to counter Anxious breathing Sound breath to calm Fire breath to counter aggression Relaxing breathing to address tiredness Alternate nostril breathing – left brain / right brain synchronisation …

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More about the program

The program is conducted over three days. Day 1 starts with repair, where we focus on ‘switching off’, rather than ‘switching on’. We start with a lecture and conversation, opening up the idea of sleep, rest, and collective consciousness, and how that idea can assist us during the program. we move into sleep Yoga, a …

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Program’s schedule

Program schedules change from location to location, but here is a typical 2 nights/ 3 days DAY 1 : Lecture Yoga Meditation Spa and massages (Only at specific venues) Dinner (Only for residential retreats) DAY 2 : Yoga Meditation Conversations Outdoor walks and excursions Lunch (Only for residential retreats) Yoga Meditation Breathing techniques Conversations and …

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Program Introduction

We meet daily for 21 mins over 21 days to practice breathing patterns to effect the brain in a positive manner. Some of the breathing patterns you will take back with you are as follows : Panting breath to counter Anxious breathing Sound breath to calm Fire breath to counter aggression Relaxing breathing to address …

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About the program

We know the benefits of physical exercise. And we know that while exercising our breathing rate increases, which improves blood circulation and oxygenation to the brain. In #PlaceboBreath, we create oxygenation to the brain without movement!  “We use a series of breathing exercises to make the brain believe that the body is exercising. Here the …

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About Prameet Kotak

Prameet Kotak is a wellness coach driven by his passion for facilitating individuals to lead healthier and happier lives, thus contributing to sustainable communities. His mantra is  “Keep it simple. Simplify your thoughts, simplify your life and simplify your results” Prameet’s retreats are a balance between traditional and modern science. Prameet aligns the vision of …

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Quote by program facilitator

‘In the state of health and happiness, repair happens organically thereby keeping you in an alkaline state of being’

The objective of the facilitator

My objective is to offer you simple tools on repair, move away from the guilt of taking a repair day, and to find balance by preserving your energy for important events, and perform when you have to and enhance when you need to.