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About the program design

The placebo effect refers to the impact of a placebo on an individual. The power of the placebo effect is considered to be a psychological phenomenon.

Placebo pills produce about 60-80% of the benefit of the best medications for diseases with subjective symptoms.

Belief can move mountains, belief can help us create our reality 

We become what we focus on 

Using this analogy we can safely say that performing ‘breathing exercises’ to mimic different ‘emotional responses’ can assist us in managing our emotions and our perception to our thoughts. 

The magic of belief  | The  power of breath 

As the breathing patterns are  ‘controlled conditions’, it gives us the ability to understand our emotional states.

It is well documented that, emotions effect your breath, so we can safely flip the process and manipulate the breath to effect the emotion.

Putting all of the above data together we can practice breathing patterns and manage the emotion patterns thereby creating the frequency of health and happiness.

We meet live daily for 21 days for 21 mins + 5 mins for Q&A.

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